76, it will cover only 31 days. Other deviations from


people over 76, it will cover only 31 day find s. Other deviations from the age group 18-60 years are discussed in the below-given list: 

§  Not all regular medical conditions are covered. 

§  The Post Office may ask you to fill out a quest house onnaire during the quote process. Based on the results, you can either contact the Post Office or, in some cases, your request can be refused altogether. 

How Mu business ch Do I Need To Pay For The Post Office Travel Cover?

The post office offers a wide category of insurance policies based on your specific needs. It may vary from the age factor, length of the travel, destination, and medical conditions of the travelers. When you have so many options to choose from, you can choose one based on your budget that suits your needs. Kids under 18 can travel for free as they are covered under the family policy. 

Final Words

The post elaborates on the Post Office travel insurance and its multitudinous benefits for the people with their different budgets. If you liked this post, then jump to our blog section to find more informative blog posts. 



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